“Tiffany is a rare talent in design. She has a tremendous sense of both style and
space. Tiffany understands the real world and can design within a budget. While
understanding trends, she has the creativity to think outside of the box and create
cutting edge and inspirational designs.”

– Alan  Mindel, Samar Hospitality

“We wanted something different then everyone else and gave Tiffany complete freedom in her design, she didn’t disappoint to say the least. We are now sitting 13 points above brand average in our décor/furnishing of guest room/suite scores. We were so pleased with the design we will be asking for her specifically on our next project that we do.”

-Erik Unmuth/General Manager

“Tiffany Miller-Baker was a pleasure to work with on my renovation project. She was gracious enough to allow me to incorporate my ideas into her design. The final product was more beautiful than I had imagined and we saw an immediate increase in our Rev Par as well as Medallia scores. I highly recommend working with Tiffany and look forward to our future projects together”.

– Charles Lee/Owner/EJL Hospitality Inc.

“Following our projects you have designed/ overseen for the multiple assignments I’ve asked you to vision, plan and implement: 164 unit BW Plus Hotel & Suites in Rockville MD, 112 unit BW Plus in Bradford PA, 90 unit Best Western Plus in Myrtle Beach SC. In each case, you were careful to understand our goals and budgets, using your first rate design expertise to accomplish in detailed specificity and overall “feeling” what we’d described to you that we were aiming for. In fact, to be case specific, your Guest Room Installation at our BW Plus in Bradford PA was so well thought of that it was displayed at the 2017 Annual Best Western Convention. Further, we are doing a complete re-think of our planned/designed/showroom installed Guest Room in Rockville …and have asked you to take over the reins of the assignment. Must also say we value that you approach each assignment with “fresh eyes” and do not bring any pre-conceived style “to the table”. Rather, you learn our thoughts, make wise suggestions, provide alternative choices and come back with vision boards that seem always to accomplish the loose goals we’d initially described to you. And, when we alter this or that design element, you understand our reasoning and provide replacement elements that always cohesively dovetail with the overall plan.
Tiffany, you are a pro’s pro, a delight to work with and we recommend you highly”.

– Jeff Wilder/Hotel Owner

“It’s been a very good experience working with Tiffany on three separate projects. She has a great eye for design, but is also flexible and considerate of other opinions. While we are very happy with our finished projects, our guests are ecstatic.. which is all that really matters. My only negative about Tiffany is that she’s too busy working for everyone else!”

-David Patel/Hotel Owner